Seeing Double

Sam is a popular guy.

He's had several special visitors in the last week. First came cousins Hollie and Wayne...Hollie was so snuggly, Sam went right to sleep in her arms.


Then Jean and Alvin stopped by. Jean loved Sam's little feet, and was willing to risk missing out on a piece of Babe's pie to be just to be able to rock him a little bit longer.


And then there was someone who looks a lot


Granny Nell, but it wasn't Granny, it was Aunt Dell! Did you think you were seeing double Sam? Just wait till Aunt Bell comes for a visit! Unfortunately, the only picture I got of Aunt Dell was one of Puppy Sophie snuggling up to her, desperate for attention.


More visitors to come on Easter Sunday...I wonder if the Easter Bunny will be one of them?