Samuel's New Friends

Today was a big day for Samuel - not only did he turn 3 weeks old, he

spent time with two new friends -

Mrs. Roberson and Mrs. Ellis. They are special friends of mine who stopped by for the afternoon to snuggle and cuddle with baby Sam.

They also brought a really nice, fancy lunch; quiche, salad and desserts. It was so yummy! We had lots of fun visiting and playing with Samuel. They are experienced Moms who always have lots of good advice, and I had lots of new-mommy questions to ask them. We finished off the afternoon with a nice walk around the neighborhood.

It felt good to get out of the house!

I could tell that Sam liked his new friends (and possible future-teachers!) because he slept almost the entire time they were holding him in their arms. They know all the tricks!

Thanks for stopping by today Melanie and Diana! I miss seeing you guys every day. Samuel and I will have you back soon!