As We Enter Week Three

Here are a few sweet shots from Samuel's second week. He's had another couple of baths and continues to love to snuggle with Mommy and Daddy on the couch or in the rocker. His favorite activity seems to be to practice making faces - smiling, frowning and scowling, often going from one expression to another in a matter of seconds. He's working on this mischeivious-looking one-sided smile, which makes it look like he's up to something!

He's such a good baby - he very rarely cries. "

Is this a good indication of what his personality will be?"

we often wonder aloud. My parents remind us that I talked non-stop until the age of 5, and Andrew was a calm, quiet baby so, based on that information, I'm not sure we can accurately predict his future personality based on his behaviors these first 2 weeks... ;)

Today is the first day of his third week. His first official check-up with his pediatrician is Wednesday. We might also have a visitor or two this week. Other than that, this week will be much like the last week - all about eating and sleeping, eating and sleeping!