Toyota + Graco = pool noodle

So, we've been taking LOTS of classes...childbirth, baby care, nursing, etc - the most unusual probably being our "car seat class". People always say "what?" when we tell them we have a car seat class coming up! It was from 9 - 1 yesterday and ended up providing a lot of really good information. In fact, Brian and I were wondering why anyone would not take it,

especially since it is free.

We learned a lot about seats in general and how we're going to be dealing with car seats for many years to come. The best part was that the nurses who teach the class (and are certified car seat installation techs) take you step by step through the workings of your car seat and check it once you've installed it in your car after class. Apparently, 99% of car seats are installed wrong. After wrestling with ours yesterday, we can see why - it's not easy! But our nurses were so impressed with Brian's perfect installation yesterday. He got the base in nice and tight all by himself! Not something they see a lot, they said! He's so handy :)

There are so many no-nos when it comes to car seats, but one thing we learned


allowed (and has been crash-tested) is the use of a kid's styrofoam pool noodle to keep the seat base level in certain cars whose seats tilt back too far to meet the angle standards for the base. Who would've thought!

Our car is now ready for baby Samuel. And it's another step toward feeling like a Mommy, to have a car seat in MY car! I like it! :)