A Dip in the Creek

After our car-picnic and some time on the playground, we ventured down to the part of the West Rowlett Creek that flows through Limestone Quarry Park.  The kids had fun skipping rocks, or in Evie's case, chucking huge rocks into the creek to see the splash and hear the "plunk" sounds they made when they hit the water. 


We finished our little creek adventure with Evie taking an accidental dip in the creek.  She was walking along a narrow strip between the trees and the water, lost her footing, and fell in slowly.  It was almost like watching her fall in slow motion.  She just kind of dropped to the ground and slid in.  The water was up to her chest and it was a cool, windy day, but she didn't freak out.  I stripped her down to her undies when we got to the car and she worried the whole drive home that a policeman would pull us over because she had no clothes on!