This is Sugarpuff.  He's a loving lap-dog trapped in a cat's body.  I *do not* like cats, and not just because I'm allergic.  But this cat is cool.  And I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Sam and Evie love him, and so do many families in our neighborhood.  No one seems to agree on whether or not he has a permanent home, but either way he seems to be doing well.  

He's made himself comfortable on many different porches (he likes to sleep in Evie's old stroller when visiting our house), and many families have even fed him and let him stay inside overnight.  And every family he visits has a different name for him; Pumpkin, Sancho, Ginger, Tramp, Charlie, Garfield, Snowflake, and of course, Sugarpuff.  He likes to follow kids to the elementary school in the morning, and stops at the corner of the playground field and watches them walk in to school.   He's very social, but never stays in one place for long.  He's a wanderer!

Sugarpuff, you're awesome!