New Neighbors, New Game

While we were scootering, panning, photographing and doing fancy tricks on the basketball court, a boy from down the street came on the court with his basketball.  He was very friendly, introduced himself to everyone, and asked Sam if he wanted to play ball with him.  They quickly became friends and played for quite a long time together.  Our new friend was very sweet to Evie, too, and made sure to include her in the basketball game.  Sam's never shown an interest in basketball before (the Lakers shirt he happened to be wearing that morning was a hand-me-down), but he had a blast that day.  We stayed for a long time and even shared snacks together on the basketball court.  I told Sam it's pretty special to be a first grader and have a friend in the FIFTH grade!  He and Sam see each other almost every day at school and wave and say hi, and Evie asks where he is at least once a day.  He was a precious kid and a good role model for Sam.  We hope to see him again soon!