Evie at Three & The Two of Them Together

The kids and I went to Erwin Park for our annual birthday pictures of Evie, but so many of the pictures I took are of Sam and her together, as was the case last year, too.  Sam is a really good Evie-wrangler when we're out shooting.  She was very fussy when we got there, so he brought out his best funny faces to cheer her up.  Then later in the evening he kept himself busy exploring in the field so I could take pictures while Evie twirled, picked grass, and played airplane.

So, here's Evie at three...and Sam at six-and-a-half.  And a lot of the two of them together.

I have to give Sam credit for the next two images.  He found this awesome location while I was taking pictures of Evie in the field and he insisted we head down that way and try some pictures there.  I had to angle myself a bit to avoid there being a bunch of people camping in the shot, but he was right; it was a good spot!  I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sam has a very artistic eye.  I got them to whisper jokes in each other's ear to get them to laugh!